Food Safety
Although there is currently no formal Certification Document for Australian Barramundi, Robarra surpasses the rigorous requirements set by the Government Department of Primary Industry with our impeccable farming standards.


Robarra only sources fingerlings, certified by a P.I.R.S.A. approved Pathology Department. Our Barramundi are grown in warm, pure and pristine spring water which is 100% free from heavy metals including mercury. Please refer to the Robarra Organic/Environmental Statement for more details.


Food Quality

Robarra fingerlings are raised in a stress free environment, utilising warm spring water which rises naturally from an aquifer. Adjustable jets in the growout tanks enable infinite management of the Barramundi swim rate which, in turn, provides precise control of the flesh texture.


Chefs around Australia and the world recognise Robarra springwater grown Barramundi as superior to all other sources and demand it in their restaurants.

Food Safety & Quality

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