Robarra Broodstock Sanctuary and Hatchery

Hatchery tanks at West Beach

Located at West Beach, South Australia, Robarra Broodstock Sanctuary and Hatchery produces quality Barramundi fingerlings year round. This means that we have fingerlings from 25mm to 120mm available for purchase and shipment, 365 days a year. We also have larvae available (click here).


Quality begins before birth at the hatchery with the all important brood stock that have been reared from certified eggs. This long term breeding programme (7th generation), coupled with selective culling, now provides us with the world's only certified Barramundi broodstock.


The strength of Robarra's growout farm has been enhanced by the record breaking achievements in biology and hatching techniques of our hatchery management staff at WBA.  All fingerlings are certified Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) by a P.I.R.S.A. approved Pathology Department.

Fingerling grading machine Vaccination station at West Beach

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