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About Robarra

Robarra Pty. Ltd. and Robarra Broodstock Sanctuary and Hatchery (formally WBA Hatcheries Pty. Ltd.) have been operating for more than two decades after being established by managing director Lance Vater.

Located at West Beach, South Australia, Robarra Broodstock Sanctuary and Hatchery produces quality Barramundi fingerlings all year round. Quality begins before birth at the Broodstock Sanctuary and Hatchery with the all important broodstock that have been reared from certified eggs. This long term breeding programme (10th generation), coupled with selective culling, now provides us with the world's only certified Barramundi broodstock.

Robarra's unique aquaculture farm is located near the rural village of Robe in South Australia. Each Robarra Barramundi is raised in the warm, pristine spring water flowing from an aquifer hundreds of metres beneath the earth's surface. The impeccable farming standards established by Robarra surpass the rigorous requirements set by the Government Department of Primary Industry.

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