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Environmentally Friendly

At Robarra and Robarra Broodstock Sanctuary and Hatchery we are focussed on staying green. This is evidenced by our environmentally conscious farming practices which include;

  • Utilising naturally pressurised artesian spring water
  • Closely mimicking natural ecosystems (low pollution)
  • No use of chemicals for treatment
  • Recycling nutrient rich waste water for agriculture at Robarra

With the aim of staying green, we are looking to implement further environmentally sustainable practices in the near future including;

  • Harnessing solar energy to power filters, pumps etc.
  • Further recycling waste water into an aquaponics system
  • Implementing a strategic plan to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions
  • Improving the quality of fish feed with the aim of decreasing solid waste

Food Safety & Quality

Robarra only sources fingerlings, certified by a P.I.R.S.A. approved Pathology Department. Our Barramundi are grown in warm, pure and pristine spring water which is 100% free from heavy metals including mercury. Please refer to the Robarra Organic/Environmental Statement for more details.

Robarra fingerlings are raised in a stress free environment, utilising warm spring water which rises naturally from an aquifer. Adjustable jets in the growout tanks enable infinite management of the Barramundi swim rate which, in turn, provides precise control of the flesh texture.

Chefs around Australia and the world recognise Robarra springwater grown Barramundi as superior to all other sources and demand it in their restaurants.