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Robarra Barramundi


Robarra's unique aquaculture farm is located near the picturesque rural village of Robe in the deep Southern region of Australia. Each Robarra Barramundi is raised in the warm, pristine spring water flowing from an aquifer hundreds of metres beneath the earth's surface where it has remained pure and sweet for over five million years. The impeccable farming standards established by Robarra surpass the rigorous requirements set by the Government Department of Primary Industry.

Be assured....Robarra Spring Water Barramundi, bearing this seal, are guaranteed to be grown in pure spring water, 100% free from heavy metals (including mercury) and grown from fingerlings certified by a P.I.R.S.A. approved Pathology Department.

Our premium Robarra Barramundi is a result of relentless commitment to quality and purity. The same commitment has been directed at developing our distinctive packaging, now available at selected outlets across Australia.

The Robarra product range currently offers chilled and smoked varieties of Barramundi whole fish and fillets. Our premium smoked Barramundi is available in a range of flavours including plain smoked, pepper and chilli.

To enquire about purchasing Barramundi please contact us on +61 418 838 596 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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